Friday, May 29, 2009

Easy Hills and 2 Hard Runs

Wensday I went out with Judi for a 90 minute hill ride. Did a little over 21 miles with about 1220 feet of climbing. Cliff is one of my favorite roads because it overlooks the river (The pic is at the top this past fall courtesy of Judi). It was a pretty lax ride for me but Judi struggles on the steeps and it was obvious she was exhausted at the top of Fiddlers Green which is about a 17% grade.

From there is was off for a 30 minute run per my schedule. I wish I lived near some flat ground but unfortunately I don't. Which means my 30 minute easy run isn't really so easy since I'm going up and down hills the whole time. I was pretty well toast when I got back to the house.

From there I wound up falling asleep for a little while before getting up at 5 to take a shower and head to Bicycles and More (BAM) to lead out the liesure ride. It had just finished raining and the weather was kinda iffy so nobody showed up to go. Which was fine by me. Although I was hoping Andrew would come down to drop off my huffy which I loaned to him a few months back. For those that don't know the Huffy is a monstrosity that Ron from BAM and myself built from extra parts and a bike that was rusted out ready for the garbage. It turned out pretty fucking sweet if I say so myself.

Thursday I was scheduled for a 45 minute run and an hour in the pool. I headed down to Fernbank for my run but only managed 3.6 miles before running out of time and energy. I was exhausted. It was about 80 degrees with a 100% humidity and just miserable. Unfortunately I forgot to get a time on the run but it was probably only a half hour or so. Felt like an 8 or 8:30 pace.
Then back home for a quick shower and off to class. Thursday nights are my Power Plant Tech classes at least for now. Although my professor is extremely entertaining I couldn't stop thinking about my upcoming swim. I went to Urban Active and lifted for about 45 minutes prior to my swim and then did an hour in the pool. I've decided that instead of working on distance (which I know I can do) I'm going to work on form instead. So last night I concentrated on lengthening my stroke out and breathing to both sides. And I'm glad to say that the breathing is doing pretty well now. Although I'm still running out of air breathing every 3rd stroke. I can even get the stroke count down to about 15 on the 25 yard pool. I did do a few 50 yd sprints for the hell of it and turned in right at 50 seconds. Slow yes, but easier than before.
From there I headed to Kristi's. She was just getting out of class as well and we had a late dinner. It was some pasta and pork thing from Bertolli. You know, those frozen stove top meals. We've been pretty happy with them so far and they aren't all that unhealthy either. But the late night dinners need to stop! Or we'll never lose the wieght we'd like.


  1. Hey Ryan, thanks for that huge confidence booster!

  2. I'm just trying to light a fire under your ass! And remember to stand taller when you are climbing because it makes things easier!

  3. Cliff is indeed a great road to ride. Whenever I go home to Cincinnati, I usually head down to the Cleves area and roll up and around the loop down that way before heading up Buffalo Ridge for some real pain.

  4. Wow, someone else is actually reading this!?

    Buffalo Ridge is a good one too.