Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend craziness

-Thursday evening I went down to the BMX track for about 2 hours. It was miserably hot and although I'm a little shaky in the air I still did pretty well. I was definetly feeling a lot more at ease on the bike by the end. I also didn't eat shit while I was there! Woohoo!!

-Friday I went shopping for clothes with Kristi in the morning. And then I went to the old house to help level out the back patio with Dad before relaying the brick. All so it looks good when we sell it. They were saying 92F out and 80% humidity made it feel like a 100F. It sucked! And my arms felt a little like jell-o when we were done.

-Saturday morning nobody showed up for the ride from BAM. Sooo, I called Judi to see if she was riding. As it turned out she was meeting Amanda down at the gym in covington. And they were doing a 2 hour out and back ride down rt.8. So I left the shop and headed down. By the time I got there I had a good 20 miles in. And I wound up riding 40 miles with them. Once back at the gym we parted ways and in doing so Amanda, with her right foot clipped in, leaned a little too far right, and as though in s-l-o-w-m-o-t-i-o-n fell over at a blistering pace of barely moving. It was pretty damn funny. After the excitement I rode the 20 miles back home. Giving me a total mileage on the day of about 80.

I really wanted to pass out when I got home but I had to get ready for my cousins wedding instead. So a quick shower and got on some of the new clothes. Then off to pick up Kristi. She looked great in her black dress. At least to me she did. Apparently I looked pretty good myself. The wedding was short and sweet. The reception was nice as well. Dinner was really good and I had way too much candy. They had a really good live band. And we did some dancing and what not. My brother got completely wasted. He talked the bartender into making bourbon shots for him. It was midnight when the band stopped and we left. When we got to her house we both passed out. I for one was spent.

-Sunday (father's day) I went for a bike ride with dad. His feet hurt. Pretty sure he has nerve damage from his diabetes that cause the problems. Any way we did about 11 miles with Bernie and Jake (his son). I rode to and from Brower though so I got about 20 or 25 miles in. That afternoon we went to Gran Fiesta which is this really good mexican place down the street. And again, I ate WAY to much.

-Monday I went running early with Kristi and then to class. Then she came over and we went to the gym and lifted. I'm still a little sore from it. But it's good for me so I'll deal.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain Delay

Yesterday morning started off with me putting in an application to Argosy for a shuttle driver position. Guess I've resorted to looking for any job I can possibly find. Anyway the online app was a pain in the ass and took about 90 minutes to complete.

After that I had to go cut grass at the old house and then went and picked up Judi's camera and dropped it off at the bike shop. Came home, ate, showered, put in some more app's and then went back to BAM. I did get an unexpected call while I was at home though. Last week I put in an app for a new Nike store that will be opening up in Monroe. One of the recruiters called me for some screening. She said that I'd hear back sometime next week about an interview. Of course I'm not a huge fan of Nike but it's a possible job. I'm still hopefull that I'll get a call for an engineering position though.

I was also leading out the liesure ride last night from BAM. I was really hopefull nobody would show so I could head to the BMX track but I wasn't that fortunate. Instead 2 guys showed up on BMX bikes. I say guys because they were mid 30's! And smoking a cigar outside of the shop before we left. Apparently they decided to join to get some excercise in. And after 2 or 3 miles they were pretty well toast. But they stuck it out for the full 8 miles or so.

From there it was off to Kristi's. We walked the mile or so up to Yagoot for some yogurt. I think it's going to be a weekly occurance from here out. She had the original flavor with strawberries, roasted pecans and blueberries and I had strawberries and pineapple on mine. She wasn't too surprised with my selection. I LOVE pineapple! On the way back we talked about jobs (or the lack there of) and about moving in together. It's still a scary proposition for me. But, at the same time it seems to make sense. I'm there almost all the time as is and honestly I hate not being with her. Even so, everything seems so easy with her. And we go from stupid to serious in the blink of an eye without much middle ground. All the stuff that I thought might cause a fight we've talked about without ANY fighting. And the only "fights" we have are about station selection in the car.

This morning I was supposed to go for a hill ride with Bill. A guy from the bike shop who, like me, started riding to lose weight. So far I think he's down 20 or so pounds. But the rain is here and thus. No ride. So instead I'm writing. Hopefully the rain will stop soon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lazy day, sort of

Today was pretty lax. I didn't get out of bed until 9 or so and even then I was in NO hurry to do anything. But Kristi had to go babysit for Abby her niece. This was mainly because her sister is still in the hospital after having Evelyn yesterday afternoon. Kristi was soooo happy when we went to see her yesterday evening! I think she could have held her all night. But, we couldn't stay all night and left about 9:30.

So anyway, back to today. I started reading "Murder on the Orient Express" this afternoon for school. And messed around trying to get a gps watch to work, unsuccessfully. And then about 5:30 Judi came over to go to the Time Trials in Cleves. She'd never done it before and was apparently so nervous she thought she might throw up before hand. Pretty picture right? Jaime from the MS ride last year was there as well tonight. Anyway, Judi was second off the line as they start everyone in 30 second intervals. Jaime was 6th I think. And I was 9th. Everytime I do these I always think "what the fuck do I do this for!". It's always painful, ALWAYS!

Judi finished just under 30 minutes at 29:55. Don't remember what Jaime did. And I set a new PR for myself at 28:54. Of course I did a 27:30 or so last year. And I'm trying to rationalize the difference by telling myself that it's because I don't have aerobars this year. But I think it's because I'm in worse shape. Who knows? The aerobars would shave a good minute off I'm sure. At least that's what they did last year. And then because I'm an enormous dork I just had to create a nice little excel program to calculate average mph and plot to a graph (seen below).

After the tt excitement it started to rain while we were waiting for our times. Since Judi and I rode down we were going to get wet. But, Jamie and Mary came to the rescue and let us put our bikes in their cars and drove us back to my house. All in all we got about 26 miles in. 5 from my house to the course, 11 for a pre-race course check and then 10.2 for the race.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Madness

On thursday I finally turned in my senior design project to Muthar (see below pic). Talk about a relief to FINALLY have it DONE. It was AMAZING. The report wound up being a mere 71 pages and if I can figure out a way to post it here I will.

So after that was done I went home and chilled for the rest of the afternoon. Until about 5 o'clock when I left to meet Dom and Judi for Kelon's b-day ride. Kelon is a friend of theirs. I decided that I'd rid my BMX bike instead of either the huffy or my fuji because it was going to be a SLOW ride.

And sure enough it was an extremely SLOW ride with a bunch of hipsters from Northside. The group pic is courtesy of Judi. About a mile or so in I wound up next to this guy. And I thought, damn, he looks familiar. Turns out it was Zac from Perfect North. So we were talking while riding along for a few miles. Mostly about skiing. It took a good hour to get to Fountain Square. And with rain looming in the distance Dom, Judi and I decided to head back without the group. And we got to the car just in time to miss the rain! From there I headed over to Kristi's stopping at the CVS in clifton to get her a B-day card.

Friday was pretty lax. I spent all morning looking for a job while Kristi was at work. She had to swing by her parents house afterwards and then came over to pick me up. Off to DAAP Works we went. I'm not an artsy type of person at all. And I didn't "get" most of what I saw. And there were a few things that stood out as being completely impractical. My favorite was someone in industrial design came up with this idea to use fiberoptic cables with light collectors mounted on a roof. The cables would transmit the light to another room where an emitter would work similar to a light bulb. This is supposed to be a "green" system. But, there is one major flaw. What happens when the sun isn't out? Like if it's cloudy, or what about at nighttime? Sure it would work in the middle of the day in perfect conditions. But how much light would it really emit into the room? I would almost gaurentee that you would still need regular lights. So since the fiberoptic cable is expensive and made out of, eeks, plastic, which is non-biodegradable what the hell is the point? But, I digress.

Afterwards we went over her place and I made her dinner because it was her birthday and then we sat out on the porch until midnight I guess. It was nice although we had a little too much to drink. Between the two of us we drank a bottle of white wine AND a bottle of red wine. We were a little tipsy by the time we went to bed. Fortunately the next morning I felt fine. She however, didn't fair so well and woke up with a raging headache/hangover. And she had to go to work.

I rode my bike back to the bike shop going up Montana in the big ring up front and 3 down in the rear. With a backpack. After hanging out there for a while I rode down to the BMX track in cleves to check out the state race and then back home. All in all about a 40 mile ride or so. When I got home I showered and got dressed real fast so I could make dinner with her parents. Kristi wanted to go to Orchids and it was VERY good. Of course it's rated #1 in the city so it should be. I felt a little guilty after a 4 course meal but I figure it was a special occasion and I did get the halibut for the main course which should have been somewhat healthy at least.

Sunday she had to work all day but came over to my house afterwards. We watched Gran Torino which is an awesome movie and then fell asleep on the couch.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thoughts on this upcoming Winter

There are 2 things that I truly LOVE doing. One is riding my bike, all my bikes, BMX, Road and Dirtbike. The other is skiing. I've been skiing since I was 3 or so. Even breaking my leg the 1st time I ever went didn't deter me and I was 3 at the time. I requested a green and pink cast and actually got it. Kinda wierd, right? I used to wish to be as good as my cousin Jim who is a 4 or 5 years older than I. And last year when he was in town to visit we went skiing together and, I was better! In fact he said I was one of the best he'd ever skiied with which meant alot considering he's skiied all over the world.

Then back in highschool me and my bro started getting weekly passes out to Perfect North. Then I was getting a season pass the last few. Until 2 years ago when I became a ski instructor. I didn't need a pass anymore! Because ski instructors are badasses! So now I'm level 1 certified by PSIA and looking to go out west this winter with Jeff (another instructor). I wanted to go to Vail.

But it doesn't seem as though they are hiring instructors this year. So Jeff recently asked me about going to Mammoth instead.

Either way, I really can't go wrong. Both places are absolutely gorgeous and both get about 400" of snow a year. My problem now is I don't want to leave Kristi. Because, well, she makes me so happy. I was very upfront about the fact that I wanted to go out west for the winter when we 1st met. And she has been very supportive about it but, I can tell she'd rather me stay here. I wish this was easier but it is what it is. For now I can take refuge in the fact that ski season doesn't start until November which gives me 3 months to make a final decision.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Busy, busy, will it ever end?

No time to write an actual entry so I'm just going to give a training update. It's exam time and well, yeah, busy busy. :(

Wed - I'm pretty sure that I did a quick 3.6 miles at Fernbank. But I could be wrong.

Sat - A very fast paced 2 hour ride with Nate

Sun - An easy 20 mile ride with Dad and Mr. Neuskabel

Mon - A very hot and humid run with Kristi. 3.1 miles or so in 27:06. (8:44 pace)

Tues (today) - A very hot and humid 2 hour hill ride with Judi after a quick 30 minute swim or thereabouts.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Swim

After classes this morning I headed to the rec center at UC for a "quick" swim. My swims are never really quick because I'm quite possibly the worlds slowest swimmer. It took me a full hour to do 2150 yards. I split it up into a 100 warm-up, 2x1000 for the main set and a 50 yard cool-down.

On the up-side I am making progress. I can at least breath on both sides now comfortably. But I still can't maintain more than about a 100 yards of breathing every 3rd stroke which is pretty crappy. I'm also stuck at about a 1:50 on my 100 yard sprints. I really need a coach or something but it just isn't in the budget since I have NO job at the moment.

After the swim I had to go over Kristi's drop off her debit card to her from yesterday (she didn't want to take her purse in the park). She had developed a headache at work and I was tired so we just took a quick hour nap or so. It was nice. Then home and I've been working on on-line applications for the last couple of hours.

Good Ride + Good Friends + Kristi = Great Weekend!

So Friday I was scheduled for a 45 minute swim. Figured I'd get it in after class in the morning. Unfortunately my classes had given me a headache. It didn't seem all that bad by the time I got to the pool at the rec center but after 15 minutes my head was pounding. The next 15 minutes was brutal and I felt dizzy and sick. Sooo, I cut the workout short and headed back home.

I slept for an hour or two and took some advil once home. The combination got rid of the headache. And it was then off to work the Coke booth at our local church festival (St. Al's). Kristi and I were only supposed to work from 4:30 to 7 but wound up staying until a little after 9. I had the pleasure of getting all the drinks from the truck to the booth and taking care of all the ice as well. Kristi was taking money along with my mom and some friends of my parents were helping out as well.

From the festival Kristi and I went to Zip Dip for some ice cream. I threatened to get a face cone but she said she'd never talk to me again if I did. So I got Jimmies (i.e. sprinkles) instead. When I ordered Jimmies she asked what the hell Jimmies were. I was in shock! Her sister used to work at an ice cream place and she didn't know what Jimmies were. Apparently I'm old school because everyone calls them sprinkles now. But, I will continue to call them Jimmies if for no other reason than to annoy Kristi.

When saturday rolled around I was supposed to lead a 50 mile ride out of Bicycles and More. But, nobody showed. Judi had said something about her and Sandi doing a 50 miler out route 8 at 9:30 or 10 so I gave her a call to see if I could meet up with them. As it turned out Sandi chickened out but Amanda decided to join instead. As I rolled into the lot Amanda was already there waiting and Judi came in a little while later. At this point I already had 20 miles in for the morning. Because I road from home to the shop and then downtown.

Rt.8 is an extremely boring ride down along the river. It's shrouded in trees on both sides and is mostly flat with some rolling hills. I don't think any one of us actually enjoy that ride. But it's always better with friends. And I hadn't ridden with Amanda since some time last October I guess. So the tally on the Rt.8 portion was 55miles at an 18.3 mph pace. And I was tired when we were done.

But, no rest for the weary because I had to get to Kristi's another 5 or so miles away. And of course in order to get there I have to climb from the river all the way up Gilbert to MLK. It's probably a 2 mile uphill stretch that was miserable by myself. Eventually I got there and we had to leave ASAP so we could go back to the festival to work again. Fortunately she drove us back to my house so I could get a shower and then we were off.

Again I wound up hauling the 50 lb bags of ice and all the pop from the truck to the booth. Not exactly what I wanted to be doing but oh well. Right at 7 it started raining, bad. And because our booth was at the bottom of the parking lot it flooded! And we got all wet. But, we got to leave at that point because our scheduled time was up and it wasn't that busy.

Sunday it was off to Kings Island with the FREE tickets I had gotten from working the festival. This was Kristi's birthday present since she'd been talking about wanting to go for some time. We started off at Top Gun and then Son of Beast. We didn't have to wait for either ride which was nice and we got seats at the front. Which are, of course, the only seats to have. From SOB we headed to the Drop Tower. Drop Tower is badass because you just dangle there 26 stories in the air before it throws you at the ground! And it was WAY outside Kristi's comfort zone. But she enjoyed it afterwards. We hit all the big rides including the 2 new ones Firehawk and Diamondback. We had front seats on all of them including The Beast! Which is possible the best ride EVER! The only downer on the day was that the backwards racer was replaced with another forward looking train and I was PISSED! It just wasn't the same.