Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend craziness

-Thursday evening I went down to the BMX track for about 2 hours. It was miserably hot and although I'm a little shaky in the air I still did pretty well. I was definetly feeling a lot more at ease on the bike by the end. I also didn't eat shit while I was there! Woohoo!!

-Friday I went shopping for clothes with Kristi in the morning. And then I went to the old house to help level out the back patio with Dad before relaying the brick. All so it looks good when we sell it. They were saying 92F out and 80% humidity made it feel like a 100F. It sucked! And my arms felt a little like jell-o when we were done.

-Saturday morning nobody showed up for the ride from BAM. Sooo, I called Judi to see if she was riding. As it turned out she was meeting Amanda down at the gym in covington. And they were doing a 2 hour out and back ride down rt.8. So I left the shop and headed down. By the time I got there I had a good 20 miles in. And I wound up riding 40 miles with them. Once back at the gym we parted ways and in doing so Amanda, with her right foot clipped in, leaned a little too far right, and as though in s-l-o-w-m-o-t-i-o-n fell over at a blistering pace of barely moving. It was pretty damn funny. After the excitement I rode the 20 miles back home. Giving me a total mileage on the day of about 80.

I really wanted to pass out when I got home but I had to get ready for my cousins wedding instead. So a quick shower and got on some of the new clothes. Then off to pick up Kristi. She looked great in her black dress. At least to me she did. Apparently I looked pretty good myself. The wedding was short and sweet. The reception was nice as well. Dinner was really good and I had way too much candy. They had a really good live band. And we did some dancing and what not. My brother got completely wasted. He talked the bartender into making bourbon shots for him. It was midnight when the band stopped and we left. When we got to her house we both passed out. I for one was spent.

-Sunday (father's day) I went for a bike ride with dad. His feet hurt. Pretty sure he has nerve damage from his diabetes that cause the problems. Any way we did about 11 miles with Bernie and Jake (his son). I rode to and from Brower though so I got about 20 or 25 miles in. That afternoon we went to Gran Fiesta which is this really good mexican place down the street. And again, I ate WAY to much.

-Monday I went running early with Kristi and then to class. Then she came over and we went to the gym and lifted. I'm still a little sore from it. But it's good for me so I'll deal.

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  1. boy, you need a camera. where are the wedding pix?