Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Swim

After classes this morning I headed to the rec center at UC for a "quick" swim. My swims are never really quick because I'm quite possibly the worlds slowest swimmer. It took me a full hour to do 2150 yards. I split it up into a 100 warm-up, 2x1000 for the main set and a 50 yard cool-down.

On the up-side I am making progress. I can at least breath on both sides now comfortably. But I still can't maintain more than about a 100 yards of breathing every 3rd stroke which is pretty crappy. I'm also stuck at about a 1:50 on my 100 yard sprints. I really need a coach or something but it just isn't in the budget since I have NO job at the moment.

After the swim I had to go over Kristi's drop off her debit card to her from yesterday (she didn't want to take her purse in the park). She had developed a headache at work and I was tired so we just took a quick hour nap or so. It was nice. Then home and I've been working on on-line applications for the last couple of hours.

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