Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Madness

On thursday I finally turned in my senior design project to Muthar (see below pic). Talk about a relief to FINALLY have it DONE. It was AMAZING. The report wound up being a mere 71 pages and if I can figure out a way to post it here I will.

So after that was done I went home and chilled for the rest of the afternoon. Until about 5 o'clock when I left to meet Dom and Judi for Kelon's b-day ride. Kelon is a friend of theirs. I decided that I'd rid my BMX bike instead of either the huffy or my fuji because it was going to be a SLOW ride.

And sure enough it was an extremely SLOW ride with a bunch of hipsters from Northside. The group pic is courtesy of Judi. About a mile or so in I wound up next to this guy. And I thought, damn, he looks familiar. Turns out it was Zac from Perfect North. So we were talking while riding along for a few miles. Mostly about skiing. It took a good hour to get to Fountain Square. And with rain looming in the distance Dom, Judi and I decided to head back without the group. And we got to the car just in time to miss the rain! From there I headed over to Kristi's stopping at the CVS in clifton to get her a B-day card.

Friday was pretty lax. I spent all morning looking for a job while Kristi was at work. She had to swing by her parents house afterwards and then came over to pick me up. Off to DAAP Works we went. I'm not an artsy type of person at all. And I didn't "get" most of what I saw. And there were a few things that stood out as being completely impractical. My favorite was someone in industrial design came up with this idea to use fiberoptic cables with light collectors mounted on a roof. The cables would transmit the light to another room where an emitter would work similar to a light bulb. This is supposed to be a "green" system. But, there is one major flaw. What happens when the sun isn't out? Like if it's cloudy, or what about at nighttime? Sure it would work in the middle of the day in perfect conditions. But how much light would it really emit into the room? I would almost gaurentee that you would still need regular lights. So since the fiberoptic cable is expensive and made out of, eeks, plastic, which is non-biodegradable what the hell is the point? But, I digress.

Afterwards we went over her place and I made her dinner because it was her birthday and then we sat out on the porch until midnight I guess. It was nice although we had a little too much to drink. Between the two of us we drank a bottle of white wine AND a bottle of red wine. We were a little tipsy by the time we went to bed. Fortunately the next morning I felt fine. She however, didn't fair so well and woke up with a raging headache/hangover. And she had to go to work.

I rode my bike back to the bike shop going up Montana in the big ring up front and 3 down in the rear. With a backpack. After hanging out there for a while I rode down to the BMX track in cleves to check out the state race and then back home. All in all about a 40 mile ride or so. When I got home I showered and got dressed real fast so I could make dinner with her parents. Kristi wanted to go to Orchids and it was VERY good. Of course it's rated #1 in the city so it should be. I felt a little guilty after a 4 course meal but I figure it was a special occasion and I did get the halibut for the main course which should have been somewhat healthy at least.

Sunday she had to work all day but came over to my house afterwards. We watched Gran Torino which is an awesome movie and then fell asleep on the couch.

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