Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lazy day, sort of

Today was pretty lax. I didn't get out of bed until 9 or so and even then I was in NO hurry to do anything. But Kristi had to go babysit for Abby her niece. This was mainly because her sister is still in the hospital after having Evelyn yesterday afternoon. Kristi was soooo happy when we went to see her yesterday evening! I think she could have held her all night. But, we couldn't stay all night and left about 9:30.

So anyway, back to today. I started reading "Murder on the Orient Express" this afternoon for school. And messed around trying to get a gps watch to work, unsuccessfully. And then about 5:30 Judi came over to go to the Time Trials in Cleves. She'd never done it before and was apparently so nervous she thought she might throw up before hand. Pretty picture right? Jaime from the MS ride last year was there as well tonight. Anyway, Judi was second off the line as they start everyone in 30 second intervals. Jaime was 6th I think. And I was 9th. Everytime I do these I always think "what the fuck do I do this for!". It's always painful, ALWAYS!

Judi finished just under 30 minutes at 29:55. Don't remember what Jaime did. And I set a new PR for myself at 28:54. Of course I did a 27:30 or so last year. And I'm trying to rationalize the difference by telling myself that it's because I don't have aerobars this year. But I think it's because I'm in worse shape. Who knows? The aerobars would shave a good minute off I'm sure. At least that's what they did last year. And then because I'm an enormous dork I just had to create a nice little excel program to calculate average mph and plot to a graph (seen below).

After the tt excitement it started to rain while we were waiting for our times. Since Judi and I rode down we were going to get wet. But, Jamie and Mary came to the rescue and let us put our bikes in their cars and drove us back to my house. All in all we got about 26 miles in. 5 from my house to the course, 11 for a pre-race course check and then 10.2 for the race.


  1. it was a good time ryan. thanks for getting my camera back. i am excited for next week now. and the week after, and the week after that....

  2. No problem. Glad you had "fun". Good luck the next few weeks. I have to go to class instead. :(