Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's been a crazy week and a half! Not even sure if I can go into detail on the whole thing. Training wise I did about 2 hours at the bmx track last tuesday instead of going to the time trial. Mainly because my bike pump was broke and I was stuggling getting clothes washed without electricity. Overall I'm feeling pretty good on the bmx bike. Although it's still a little sketchy in the air. I went back thursday for about an hour. It was 90 something degrees and 90% humidity and miserable. So I didn't stick around long.

I spent the majority of thursday doing a thourough cleaning of my room. And packing for New York. Kristi's cousin was having her graduation party and Kristi invited me. Sooo, she picked me up thursday night and we went to her parents house to stay the night. This way we could get an early start. Early, is, of course, a relative term. Because we left at 7:30 which although early, isn't THAT early. Kristi's parents, her sister and brother in-law and their two kids (Abby and Evelyn). Her dad drove up with Lori (sister), Joe (brother in-law) and Evy (their 12 day old daughter). I had the pleasure to ride with Kristi, her mom, and Abby (Lori's 2 yr old daughter).

Abby and Evy

After a 9 hour drive we arrived at her Uncle Ed and Aunt Judy's house. Ed is a doctor and is pretty loaded. They have a huge house and live at a country club. Friday night we just hung out and ate dinner. On saturday Kristi and I had planned to go running. But Ed (her uncle) wanted to go play golf. So I went with him, Ritchie (her dad) and Joe. I sucked it up pretty bad but I don't play enough to be any good and it was a tough course.

The course

Nina's party that night was nice. I got to meet all the relatives that matter and they all seemed to like me. Even uncle Steve who tried to give me some shit but I was able to give it back which I think earned me bonus points. They also had some college band that was ok but nothing special.

Sunday we just sat around and watched tv for most of the day as Kristi's family had to go to Nina's graduation ceremony and it wound up raining. But I managed to get a 6 mile run in before the rain and Kristi got 4.2. It was just an out and back but the out was mostly downhill so coming backed sucked ass!

We drove back home on Monday. And Kristi got this pic of Abby sleeping in the car.

Tuesday officially started Columbus Marathon training. I did a moderately hilly 4 mile run and maintained a 9 min/mile avg. Not blistering but considering the weather and being tired I'll take it. Then after doing some chores and what not I went to the TT. I wasn't feeling all that great but I figured why not. Amanda and Judi both went as well. Both Amanda and I were off our pace from the previous week. I clocked a 28:57. Once I get some clip-on aero bars I should lose about a minute. The big surprise was Judi. She actually beat my sorry ass by a couple of seconds. And it went straight to her head. She just started in on this uncontrollable laughter and I was NOT a happy camper (as can be seen in the pic below of me showing Judi my appreciation).

Wensday morning me and Kristi went to Colerain Highschool to get in our 6 mile hill run. It was a 3 mile loop she used to run when she was on the track team. We ran it forward and then backward. Overall it was a good route. The hills weren't anything too crazy and I finished in about 54 minutes. She finished around 57. Considering it was her 1st 6 mile run since doing the half pig she did really good. Afterwards we did 4 sprints and then some stretches. She's unnaturally flexible! If you notice her hands are flat on the ground. I can't even get 6 inches to the ground!

Today I just finished a 20 miler or so with Judi. I wanted to do a serious hill ride but she pussied out on me. So we did the hill loop once and then the tt course. Even so it was about 700ft in the 1st 12 miles. My kind of ride. Now I need to pack for camping this weekend!

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  1. so that loop wasn't 1200 feet of climbing?